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Established in 2013, founded by Charlwin Mao and Miranda Qu, Xiaohongshu is a thriving lifestyle community platform with over 300 million registered users as of July 2019. And 70% of the users are post-90s. Three billion impressions are created on Xiaohongshu daily via a wide variety of media, including photos, texts, and short videos. These touch on all areas of lifestyle, such as cosmetics and beauty, fashion, food, travel, entertainment, reading, fitness, and childcare.

Through artificial intelligence and machine learning, Xiaohongshu tailors content recommendations to individual users, incubating new consumer trends. More than 20,000 brands have community accounts on Xiaohongshu. The platform hosts nearly 10,000 third-party e-commerce merchants and offers more than 100,000 different products.

01 Community
01 Community Established in 2013, Xiaohongshu is a thriving lifestyle community platform with over 300 million users as of July 2019.
02 Brand Account
02 Brand Account Xiaohongshu’s Brand Account department integrates the company’s resources from community marketing to closed-loop e-commerce...
03 Fulishe E-commerce
03 Fulishe E-commerce Fulishe is Xiaohongshu’s self-operated e-commerce platform, which integrates merchandising, warehousing, and customer service functions to provide users with a seamless e-commerce experience.
04 REDhome
04 REDhome Five REDhomes are located in Shanghai, Changzhou, Suzhou, and Ningbo. Gathering featured products of high reputation, REDhome presents a tangible Xiaohongshu.

Vision Become the most trusted online company

Mission Inspire Lives

Culture Result Focus, Judgement, Trust, Leadership

Office Environment
Shanghai Headquarter
Major Developments

2013 Major Events

December Xiaohongshu launches its overseas shopping community.
June Xiaohongshu is founded in Shanghai.
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Office Address
Shanghai Headquarter: Block C, SOHO Fuxing Plaza, No. 388 Madang Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai, China
Beijing: Floor 18, Block B, Zhonghai International Center, Anding Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China
Wuhan: Floor 10, Block B, Modern Optics Valley World Trade Center, Guanggu Avenue, Wuhan, China
Xiaohongshu listens to every user and partner's voice

If you encounter any difficulties using or working with Xiaohongshu, or if you have any suggestions for the development of the platform, you are welcome to write directly to our CEO at [email protected]

To help us process your request more efficiently, please provide the following information in your email:

  • Your personal or work information (company/brand/department/position/name, etc.)
  • Your contact information (email address/direct line, etc.)
  • Specific description of relevant issues, opinions, or suggestions (background/case/various supporting materials, etc.)
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